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SAIARD Consultancy Services (SCS) is an unique platform led by the qualified professionals having vast experience in the field of academia, industry, business development services as well as financial and legal matters. Its a one-stop solution where you will get all kinds of assistance regarding academic, legal, financial and the industry or corporate related issues. 
Satisfaction and all-round Development of our clients through professional supports and to maintain close working relationships with them” are the prime objective of SCS.
We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients, and to make it valuable we always act in their best interest and offer advice that will always be professional, reliable and relevant.


Today the world is looking for the innovator who can provide new ideas which help to generate new industries as well as employment opportunities that can support to build up a strong nation.”Keeping in mind this concept SAIARD has started its journey. Since its formation, SAIARD has organised several academic activities like conferences, seminars, workshops, hands-on training programmes, even skill-based courses in collaboration with reputed academic institutions and different govt. and non-govt. organisations. Through its versatile activities, SAIARD has challenged the current education system and has created a new pathway by transforming the generalised form of education into the skill-based education system.  It will not only produce skill-based manpower for the industries but also helps to generate a bunch of employment opportunities. To reach that level SAIARD has taken several initiatives through its different projects. Introduction of SAIARD RESEARCH INCUBATION CENTRE or SRIC, a R & D Cell of SAIARD, is one of them.
The concept of SRIC basically stands on the 3 pillars i.e. Innovation of new ideas, Develop those ideas through proper support, Marketing these ideas through a proper economic model. In a word, SRIC will work as the breeding ground of new ideas as well as a supporting base for entrepreneurship development. Anybody can come with his/her new innovative idea in SRIC. SRIC will try to transform or give his/her idea a strong base which can be helpful in creating employment opportunities as well as in implementing policies.


SAIARD Institute for Skill & Entrepreneurship Development (SISED) under the aegis of South Asian Institute for Advanced Research and Development (SAIARD) has been formed with a vision to offer different skill-based and job oriented courses either in certificate or diploma formats for the working professional, students and others in view to widening their knowledge and enhancing their skills and to make them eligible for the competitive job market. The Centre will generally provide the hands-on training to the candidates having no formal educational qualification but having prior learning experience which will lead to their life skill development. The learning domain includes courses for non-traditional students, non-degree career training, workforce training and formal personal enrichment courses. The courses under SISED are making education relevant to real-life situations and are also preventing the alienation of the educated from society.
To provide this skill-based courses SISED has developed several centres like the Centre for Applied Geoinformatics, Centre for Built Environment, Centre for Financial Management and Economic Research etc. and all the centres contain a certain amount of courses which is mostly skill-based as well as industry-specific. All the Courses offered by SISED are open to all even for the working personnel’s, teachers and students also. All such programmes will be delivered either through i) ICT based on-line mode, or ii) Contact mode or iii) Blending/ Hybrid mode i.e. combination of both (i) & (ii). As the prima foci of this centre are to focus upon work-related needs as also self-growth and individual development, so the centre has adopted ‘Go Beyond the Walls Strategy’ under which it can be associated with any academic or non-academic institutions to deliver the need-based and modular training programmes at the doorsteps of the learners. In addition to that, the SISED will have the facility to provide training in other domain/ discipline for the already trained persons engaged in various activities for the advancement of knowledge and further mobility in the workplace.
Therefore, on behalf of our centre, we welcome Indian as well as international students to study and to attend different job-oriented, cutting-edge courses at SAIARD Training Institute. SISED reflects the SAIARD’s vision and commitment to providing quality education without geographical boundaries, enhancing the diversity of its student community and building strategic partnerships in the country and also around the world.


South Asian Institute for Advanced Research and Development (SAIARD), a MSME (Govt. of India) certified premier academic cum research institution, formed in Kolkata under the Trustee Registration Act (Reg. No- 163000060, 2019; UAM No- WB10E0019172 ) of Govt. of India with a motto to spread the arena of research throughout the world particularly focusing on the major issues of the South Asian region. 
SAIARD, a Research and Knowledge hub, has started its journey with a broad vision and objectives to promote research, advocacy, education and innovative ideas through publication, various outreach programmes, collaborations and partnerships for sustainable and cognitive development of this region. As well as to provide skill-based education to the students and make them employable and strengthening the hands of both public and private sectors by providing all-round supports.
The basic purpose of this institution is to focus on the all-round academic development especially for our students to find out a platform for their future endeavours. For that purpose, SAIARD adopts a community-based approach through various training, education, awareness and entrepreneurship programmes, enriching with the modern phase of technological innovations. SAIARD emphasizes more on policy-based research interventions on multi-disciplinary issues related to environment and socio-economic aspects and sharing far-seeing ideas for the betterment of society and humanity.